Before i'll take you into my stable of slaves, I need you to go and get a few, ahem, toys.

I want to control every orgasm you ever have. I want you to purchase a chastity belt, which I'll ask you to lock yourself into when I grow bored of you after each session. I'm going to humiliate you, I'm going to hurt you and I'm going to tease you till you can't take it any more, and then I'll probably leave you horny and frustrated.

Each time you log into this site, I'll put you through your paces, I'll have you spank yourself, I'll have you hurting your balls and tweaking your nipples, I'll have you dressed as a sissy humiliating yourself.

If you're a good little slave, maybe, maybe I'll let you cum. So my little slave, I want you to go and get the following, a chastity belt, a vibrating butt plug, a maid's outfit and slutty lingerie, a pile of clothes pegs, a spreader bar, a vibrator, some rope and a gag.

Once you have them, then read the pledge below and if you think you're ready then sign up and i'll begin your training. Please be aware that I live in the UK, therefore the instructions I give will be in the GMT time zone. If I ask you to come back and report to me at 5pm, that is 5pm UK time. you will be punished if you're late, and I will not change my habits for a slave.
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I the undersigned slave, hereby give over the control of my orgasms to the beautiful Mistress Victoria. I promise to obey her every command and to punish myself as she sees fit. I realise that I am a pathetic excuse for a human, and hope that through her training I will become a valuable slave.

My Name is
I am a
My Email Address is

The Password I have chosen is
To prove I can spell, that password again is

By clicking on the register button below, I submit to Mistress Victoria, I will not hold her or this website responsible for any of the pain, suffering or humiliation that she may ask me to inflict upon myself.